He’s Trumped ’em all

This blog won’t be foraying into the grimy and frankly baffling (to my Limey eyes) world of American politics often but I wanted to have a quick word about the Trump Tower and concur with Michael Moore’s prediction that this man will become the next top dog in the White House.

Trump has come out fighting and winning (in his words) throughout the campaign. He is the momentum candidate. Trump seems to be America’s answer to Brexit; big, bolshy and fiercely anti establishment from a very established point. Just like Brexit, he has no real idea of what he wants but he knows how to get it. He epitomises the anti-politik sweeping the western world and he is the radical choice when compared with Clinton.

That radicalism is often atrocious: that hideous wall, his flip flopping on abortion rights, the insistence on maintaining archaic gun laws. However, his stances on NATO, drug control and TTIP are very alien to what any of the staid political classes are swilling right now.

What’s Hillary got? Maintain death penalty, bring in slight restrictions on gun ownership, continue with the same foreign policy agenda, blah, blah, blah.

Trump has strong ideas and that’s what people are looking for right now. Particularly the disenfranchised working classes throughout the western world. Those big ideas are probably just sloganeering but that doesn’t matter. It’s a winning formula. He’s the UKIP of the US.  Sanders was the man to beat Trump. He had ideas. Hilary doesn’t. That leaves us with President Trump.



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