Mr Smith, the latest attempt at New Labour flocking a dead corpse in front of a disinterested public, was on Newsnight last night. He really is a revolutionary. Let me tell you his big ideas in case you missed out (you poor soul):

-Tax ‘plans’

-Pressing that elusive red button

-Bringing nationalism (not nationalisation) back to the fore

-Stopping strawberry pickets from Bulgaria entering the UK so that our British boys and gals can have such wonderful job ops.

He explained that Jeremy just isn’t jingoistic enough and that he’s the man to talk to the common people of Scotland, Wales and England (he forgot the other country of our United Kingdom) on terms they know. Flag waving, racist, war mongers. I think that’s what he was saying anyway. He was pretty confused and I couldn’t hear him very well as I had my Union Jack draped over me and my pint of bitter.

Anyway, I’m sold! #youowenyet?



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