Free Eggs (or how a 14 year old can show us old cynics the way)!

Animal welfare is horrendously overlooked across the political spectrum in this country (the Green Party and Animal Welfare Party are notable exceptions). Despite England claiming to be a nation of animal lovers, fox hunting and badger culling are accepted as just ways of treating living things.

However, the idea of animals as food is slowly losing support. The Telegraph (hardly a friend of lefty veggies/vegans) reported in May that Veganism in the UK is up 360% in the past ten years. It’s evident up and down the UK that moods are a’ changin’. I remember a time when a veggie had to sprawl the streets looking for an option, only to end up in some hippy’s front room or with a plate of chips in a pub. In the last few years, I’ve had a veggie sausage supper in Inverness, a veggie sausage roll in a Cardiff bakery and lots of other non-sausage related veggie options up and down the land.  In Sheffield, you can’t move for veggie options and not just in the studenty areas.

You get the point. Almost every restaurant now has a decent veggie option. Bravo!

Which takes me to the point of this post. A girl from the above mentioned and wonderful city of Sheffield (they’ve got morals up there; must be how they raise them, love), called Lucy Gavaghan, has taken on the supermarkets over eggs. She wants all supermarkets to stop selling eggs from caged hens and started a petition to highlight her case. Amazingly, she has won part of the battle! After a meeting with Tesco (stop the booing at the back) they agreed to stop stocking them by 2025. Furthermore, as of two days ago, Morrisons have agreed too!

A fantastic result by anyone’s standards and life affirming to know that a 14 year old has achieved this. Lucy you are an inspiration to all! Especially us old cynics. You can sign Lucy’s petition here:


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